I'm looking for first-hand recommendations for Wood Gassification Boilers - the indoor kind, not the "Central Boiler" external models. There are many out there, my decision - which must be made in the next 30 days - is for an indoor system that will inter tie with my existing oil fired hydronic system.

There are many choices - too many. I have a small house (single story, 1,200 Sq Ft) over a basement. I have a very large and ongoing supply of excellent firewood (75% Hickory, 10% Well-seasoned Red Oak, 10% Well-Seasoned Walnut and the balance a mix of Maple and Ash).

We keep the house cool in winter (62-65 degrees) and until recently have been using a very large capacity wood stove (an "All Nighter") to simply heat the whole basement and allowing heated air to circulate via floor registers. This is neither efficient nor is it a clean way to use my wood - I need to frequently clean my chimney, and we STILL had creosote buildup.

I've looked at all of the makers of systems, now I'm looking for actual users of said systems, not dealers or someone with something to sell me.