When I first discovered ETS I read all of the stories and was impressed with CK's. I just went back with a more level headed "I already been here" Kinda attitude and now find it alittle to fantastical.

Everything He decided to bring last second saved the day. Even the Bite kit amazingly saved the day aswell. It sounds to perfect as he didnt bring to much nor did he bring too little, he somehow brought the exact amount of what the entire group needed. Not to mention everyone else was lacked what they needed and brought only what they somehow did not need such as 2 men bringing two very large heavy fixed blades each to a grassland island. As Blast stated its way to hollywood sounding to me now. It may very well just be his way of storytelling and it may very well just be him pointing out the major facts and leaving out the fluff as well.

Reading it slowly with a theatrical trailer point of view it does sound like a movie trailer tho....seriously doesnt it?