As others have stated, as long as the bottle is not lined, insulated or double walled you should be OK. How much grass sways in the breeze of 10,000 ant farts...?

I wanted to embrace the stainless steel bottle concept but I just can't find one designed as I'd like, and the weight penalty drives me bonkers. Why the heck can't Klean Kanteen make a bottle with the standard 1 liter/32oz capacity? Jeez.

I now use an old school Nalgene bottle nested in a Trek 700 titanium pot. The total weight (7.5oz without the Trek lid) is much less than that of the Guyot 1 liter SS bottle (13oz) and it is more versatile IMO. The Klean Kanteen 27oz bottle with lid weighs about 7oz.

Since the Nalgene & Trek nest together closely there is almost no space penalty for bringing the pot. I don't carry the Trek's lid except on (intentional!) overnights. A little aluminum foil is enough to get by in a pinch.