You are right. I phrased that badly. What I meant is that we can expect the facts to come out gradually. Something said initially later being denied, is evidence that debriefs take time; not them being unable to get their facts right.

I was going to stay out of this discussion, but must respectively disagree with you on your position. While detailed debriefing may reveal additional “facts” or points of view, the overall sense of the mission, with the vast majority of the “facts” well known by those in the position of interacting with the media and public. Whenever there is major shifting of the “facts” one needs to look at the information being released with a healthy degree of skepticism. Many of us here have been involved with military, law enforcement or other disaster response operations to know that what actually happened is often at odds with the official line and has nothing to do with the process of debriefing.

While there may be some variations due to the fog of war, the individuals involved in this operation were well trained professionals who are quite capable of providing detailed objective reports. Additionally, I can almost guarantee that much if not all of the operation was video recorded and those videos have been reviewed dozens of times for comparison with verbal and written reports.

Just my 2 cents-