I don't think there is any point to lying about it. The down side to lying outweighs any benefit.

It doesn't matter whether the authorities are lying about it or not, the weight of the lie or the truth is what matters. The main line news media has reported the narrative of the story and has accepted it unquestioningly. The majority of the readership and the viewer of the electronic media will accept it without question. The Aspartame helps with the memory hole effect and helps with the suggestibility. wink

As for the Elvis comparison, the Lee Harvey Oswald analogy would be a little more realistic, apparently when he was dug up he was missing his head. Identity and identity theft are the stock and trade of the terrorist and counter terrorist.

'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.' O'Brien.

Take for example Mr Black, a previous deputy director of the NSA, who apparently attended the U.S. Army Language School Monterey, California (Russian language) in 1957, i.e. the same school that Lee Harvey Oswald attended around the same time before going on to work within the SAGE (Semi Autonomous Ground Environment). Its definitely a small world!! whistle

Mr Black and Lee Harvey Oswald

As you can see its very easy to make up a ridiculous conspiracy theory, which is the stock in trade of the phys ops professional and the amateur. And yes there are phy ops pros and amateurs out there.

Of course with this story;


it really goes to show that some folks just aren't paying attention, which makes both the professional and amateur phy ops personnel despair. What I really want to know is why the He Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon had a PhD in Psychology on rolling credits of the cartoon.

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