911 also made me aware that you can be minding your own business and suddenly find yourself in the middle of trouble !!! It is an important part of preparedness to know what is going on around you even if YOU were not part of it, or even if you were agisnt it. Take for example the position of war in Iraq and Afghanistan . Some Americans supported it and some thought otherwise. But being Americans, BOTH should be careful and not lower their guards because some violent fanatics will shoot first and think later. We, in the Middle East, also had to be careful too when we travel abroad, becuse others cannot tell which Middle Eastern guy is with or against OBL.

We saw the images of the dead OBL and heard about the photoshopping thing. It just makes us wonder about the whole story. And if you add throwing the body in the sea, it makes us wonder even more.

Yesterday, our capitals's newspaper (Riyadh) had this headline ( The World without Osama Bin Laden). I hope we are not too relieved yet and lower our guard too soon. I still believe he was no more than a symoblic figure and his sleeping cells don't need him for their criminal activities.

Prepping wise, it is always wise to assume the worst and be prepared for it.