the AA battery pack is charged by the 6.4V dedicated outlet

This is the only thing I don't like about the design of the Goal Zero 10 charger/powerpack. If the dedicated charger/powerpack was to take a 12V input rather than the 6.5V input along with the USB input/output I would have actually purchased one to replace a Uniross X-Press 700 charger (requires 12v@500mA or 6W) that resides with an Sunlinq 6.5W folding solar panel. This combo works reasonably well in good sunshine but is a 2 or 4 cell charger not an individual cell charger. Is the Goal Zero charger a 2 or 4 cell charger or 1 to 4 individual charger? It is nice and compact though with an LED light which always a plus. I would assume that @ 6.5 Volts the current would be around 1 A. So for 4x2000mA NiMh Cells @80% charge efficiency = 10Ahr @ 1.4V or 14Whrs, 4 Eneloops would be fully charged in around 2 1/2 hrs. I can't really see the Eneloops being fully charged in less time.

The fast chargers that are available aren't really useful with the limited power solar PV panels as they cannot deliver enough amperage at 12V for these fast charger as most require around 1A@12V i.e. 12W minimum or a 15-18W solar panel.

Trying to find a charger/powerpack which will take both 12V, USB and mains is a little tricky although one of these might just do the trick for around $10.


although it doesn't have USB output carrying one of these will give 5V USB to charge other devices that have their own charge circuitry and lithium battery.