I've just ordered a Coolermaster Excalibur Fan for the Solar PV power kit. It appears to be very lightweight @ only 128 grams yet will move 85+ CFM at only 30dB.


It will consume 6W power so it is capable of being powered by the Guide 10 Adventure Kit or a smaller and lighter folding panel such as the Sunlinq 6 and 12 W panels. Hopefully it should add some cooling capacity under the shade of a tarp or tent on hot and sunny days. As Izzy mentioned in his excellent review of his EDC setup in relation to the problems encountered during the Katrina debacle i.e. with a loss of comms and lighting ety being able to keep cool would have been most welcome even if it was only a small fan.

Thinking of a Peltier element applications in the survival situations...

Peltier arrangements are not very efficient, you could run a full sized fridge on only 100Whrs per day.


The Brunton Solaris 26 could in theory run the Vestfrost SE255 Freezer in a Fridge mode as it will develop more than the 100 Whrs per day on good sunny days. Typically you would need more solar PV power than this to cope with the inverter losses and battery losses.

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