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Here's my setup.

Nice! So, it looks like we've got all of the sizes covered from EDC to heavy BOB.

What about the useful electronics we can power with this easily renewable electrical energy then?

Let's discuss how a mobile solar panel can help with survival basics. For example, Am_'s one could be used even for shelter I believe. Just kidding here, but who knows? grin.

Lighting/signaling/communication applications - obvious. I've got electric water purification option already, have an idea for the reliable electric fire starter. Saw electric mittens and hand warmers. Looking for an AA powered stun gun - for self defense (I think they should work on predators too to some extent, am I wrong?). Thinking of a Peltier element applications in the survival situations...

For the starter. Is there ways to use electricity for food procurement? I've heard of electric rod once, used by poachers, which can zap a lot of fish instantly working from a boat.