I got promoted to keyholder this week, which means I'm responsible for closing up shop at the end of the day now, and will be working on my own at least three nights a week. (Everyone else wants to go play so Newbie gets the late shifts heading into the summer.) So... I went on a recon of the office tonight. Without rifling through anyone's private stuff, I discovered:

-we have a live voice security system, that I can activate with the push of a button (I'm responsible for arming it when I leave, so I didn't really discover it, I was shown it)
-no first aid kit (to be rectified by me this weekend - suggestions?)
-industrial-sized fire exringuisher (It's in the warehouse but there isn't one in the kitchen. Going to rectify that.)
-3 bic lighters
-about a month's supply of toilet paper, paper towel, kleenex, hand and dishsoap
-about a three month supply of kitchen and batroom cleaning supplies, including two industrial-sized bottles of bleach
-the equivalent of about 2 bags of ice in the freezer
-2 X 1.5 ltr bottles of water and 5 single-serve bottles of juice in the frige
-food in the fridge could last one person about 3-4 days
-other than ice, the freezer is empty so lots of room for my stuff (icepacks are first on the list. Water in the summer? Suggestions?)
-microwave is broken
-2 electric kettles
-1 electric toaster
-2 boxes of tea (green and orange pekoe)
-lots of plates, cups, cutlery, including 2 steak knives and 1 chef's knife
-2 boxes of birthday candles and 0 through 9 of those number candles
-about 50 feet of paracord
-about 50 feet of braided nylon cord (waterski tow rope type)
-an unopened container of "100 assorted zipties"
-garden hose
-a generator (it's in behind a bunch of stuff so I couldn't read any names or numbers. It's yellow and about 4 ft square)
-3 jerry cans full of gasoline
-1 ATV
-2 dirtbikes
-1 vespa
-4 adult sized motorcycle helmets (2 mx style, 2 with full face shield)
-1 heavy duty looking snowblower
-propane bbq with empty tank
-2 snow shovels
-1 gardening shovel
-a few brooms
-approximately 8,002 different tools, including hand and power ;)* (techies!)
-about 72,000 pounds of paper and cardboard marketing materials ;)*
-maybe 12 miles of wiring of differing types ;)*
-lots of great spaces to hide supplies, especially a large storage cabinet in the men's washroom that's camoflauged by cleaning supplies that they clearly haven't thought about using in there wink
-the CEO is an RC airplane addict who drives a big 'ol truck and likes toys and gadgets. I suspect there may be useful stuff in his office but won't go in uninvited unless it's an emergency

*;) = over-estimation but there is A LOT

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