kev - I'll check the video. A lot of guys like the "idea" of a neck knife because it seems cool, and the tool is easily accessible. But the main risk is an accident. It is very easy when you draw that blade to accidentally slice yourself on the chest or stomach. This usually happens because the person wearing the neck knife did not practice the simple act of drawing the blade in a safe manner (they just assumed it would come out of the sheath OK). This is NOT a good outcome in a survival situation. The last thing you need is a self-inflicted wound. It's a useful way of carrying a knife ... provided you practice.

These comments are not aimed at you in any way - just general information. Like I said - I like your knife because it's compact & lightweight. A survival knife is the "knife you've got on you" ... heavy gear tends to get left at home.

Neck knives are illegal in some states in the USA, including where i live in California. Mostly for the reason already stated - guys tend to wear them as a hidden, quick-access weapons. It's too bad when the actions of a few people with criminal intent ruin it for everybody.

other Pete