Diving and kayaking are environments where the possibility of entanglement in fishing line, kelp fronds, gear leashes, etcetera, invokes my desire to avoid the Rule of Threes caution about possible death in three minutes without air. Primarily for that reason I wear a personal floation device kayaking, and a weight harness diving, both with small external dive knife mounted upside down in a tight sheath located near my centerline for access by either hand. I would not want this knife on a cord because it would increase the potential for entanglement.

That admitted, I seem to lack the imagination to think of any environment where hanging a neck knife on a cord is the best option, except perhaps where you want to make a visual statement of some kind. [I routinely carry a multi-tool that includes blades in one pocket, and a one-hand opening folder in the pocket on the opposite side, not including my PSK.] I ask the ETS brain trust for enlightenment.

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