@njs - You took an approach much like this guy and I did when prototyping our own homemade FSR. We tried to keep everything "milspec" tho.

The three things he could not duplicate exactly were the ERGO drink (uses Gatorade), the Zapplesauce (user MRE fortified applesauce), and the beef jerkey (uses a commercial beef & cheese kind).

@MDinana - He has access to many military components. The only things I think he actually needs to buy are the Stay Alert gum and the Bridgeford sandwiches.

He keeps the cost/unit to $10 and then shipping charges. Very reasonable.

I have no affiliation except for planting the seeds of an idea in his head to make these. I get no kick-backs for this. I simply want to be able to share this with everyone here as well.

One pack is good for 24hrs. Nice for a BOB or for a day hike. These are certainly not the most nutrionally complete things out there, but good for a short stint.

If anyone wants more detailed info feel free to send me a message.

Here is a link to this:

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