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I'm curious as to how are you transported to the future? Is it an instantaneous event or is it the result of a suspended animation/cryogenic type situation? The reason I ask is as unimogbert pointed out, plastics and other material can be expected to degrade over time whereas an instant transport they will still be good. Having a backpack full of goodies with you when you stumble through a "temporal wormhole" would be nice.

It will be instantaneous so that everything my player-character has on her is still good.

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Get your character in really good physical condition and any type of martial arts training would be a definite plus. It doesnt necessairly mean you need to take a SEAL H2H course but something along the lines of kickboxing or Tae-Bo at your local health club would be a good idea. They're great for cardiovascular conditioning and also develop reflexive personal defensive techniques.

That's a good idea. One of my player-character's friends, played by one of my friends, is a Tai Chi master. My player-character learning from her would be too good an opportunity to pass up.

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