KeltecShotgun by merriwether, on Flickr

Keltec unveiled the prototype of there 12-gauge bullpup shotgun. It is pump action with ejection out of the bottom (lefty-friendly!!). This shotgun has two tubular magazines under the barrel and which magazine is feeding is manually selected by the shooter. This means you can fill one magazine with slugs, the other with buckshot and switch between them as needed.

Being a bullpup, the barrel is 18.5" long with a total gun length of 26". Each magazine can hold seven 2 3/4" long shotshells, plus one in the chamber makes this a whole lot of "Get off my lawn!"grin A Picatinny rail runs along the top allowing easy attachment of tactical lights, lasers, or chainsaw. Color choice is black or OD green. Expected price is under $800, but release date is currently Spring of 2012. frown

KeltecShotgun2 by merriwether, on Flickr

It was definitely a crowd-maker, but I do wonder about the plastic parts of this shotgun as they felt kind of light-weight. However, in light of the latest ATF bulletin on banning importation of shotguns with magazines capable of holding over 5 rounds, the USA-made Keltec bullpup may very likely be your only options for a high-capacity shotgun.

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