There are some good points here about the quick clot. I agree that it's faster and often better to just apply pressure with whatever's on hand in that split second.

However, just a quick note--certain drugs and medical conditions can cause the blood to not clot so easily, turning what would otherwise be manageable bleeding into a real problem. I'm keeping some on hand mainly just for convenience, as it's annoying when a minor wound won't stop bleeding. I doubt I'd actually use it in a serious crisis, I think I'd just maintain pressure until help arrives; I wouldn't want to let up the pressure even for a moment to use the quickclot. There could also be other problems such as misapplying it and confusing the EMTs resulting in some delays.

So even as someone who has a good reason to keep this stuff on hand I'm not expecting to use it for excessive bleeding. It seems like an excellent product, but it should be used with discretion.