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I also wonder if you could pre-arrange with your loved ones that if you send, say three "I'm okay" messages within a minute or two then that means "come help me" or something to that effect. If I'm right, that would mean it could function basically like the Spot2 except also have the increased reliability of a PLB.

Hmm.... Will a sequence of identical messages in short intervals be interpreted as one (repeated) attempt of sending the same message?

I very much like the idea - and it would be GREAT to have some "I'm fed up/in non-immediate distress and wanna go home" - message to friends and family. But before such a code can be used, someone should actually test how frequent you reliably can push the "I'm here" button on that particular system. Oh, and the "code" (number of times to press that button) should take into account some expected failure rate of that kind of message. What if your spouse receives 2 such "I'm OK" messages? Is that you pushing the wrong button? Or is it 3 messages where one is lost?