I think the audible alarm aspect of this beacon makes it not a good fit as an avalanche beacon - snow is an excellent deadener (is that a word?) for sound. Bury your beacon under 4 feet of snow, and see how loud it is then. Plus there are the issues of activation - the advantage of radio waves is they travel through snow to receivers, and they can always be activated.

Also I'm skeptical of audible alarms for use when lost or separated. It may make sense when you are nearby, but depending on terrain and decibels the alarm may not go out as far as you think, and depending on power source, it may not operate for very long - plus it will be very annoying to the person trying to get rescued. A whistle seems to be a better compromise there. You can get tired and stop whistling, but start again when you get your breath back. Once the batteries are out on an audible alarm, its finished sounding for you.

This sounds more like a personal alarm, kind of a "Stranger Danger" type alarm for kids, that they can set off if approached by someone they don't know etc. ymmv