The concept of a 'blow out kit' is not new, and I think is a good idea, if you have some training on applying contents. I keep an equivalent in my car, I use an old Countycomm EOD utility bag, and keep nitrile gloves, eye protection, the tourniquet and shears on the outside. I also slipped a benchmade hook into the webbing. I call it my Bloodstopper 2000, meant only to suppress major bleeding until help arrives. There are several versions of these kits, they get discussed in the First Aid forum over on - my kit was directly inspired by the contents and organization of a particularly good one discussed there. The kit is organized for at most 2 victims, and is also oriented to non-gun shot trauma and slightly smaller bleeds, that can be accomodated with 4x4s and rolls of kerlix gauze - the idea is if I approach a scene of an accident, I grab this bag and go. Similarly, if you spend alot of time at a shooting range, and something happens, it would be good to have some local kit to provide immediate first aid for gun shots etc.

God bless the folks who responded in Tuscon, and god bless the SWAT team member who looked ahead and pushed for police to be equipped and trained with these kits. You can never dream up a terrible scenario like that, but you should be able to foresee alot of other stuff, and be ready for it. Their focus is on that First Five Minutes, which is a really good focus. Strong work.