A kid at my son's school brought some sort of an emergency beacon to school the other day. It was a very high pitched alarm, and it seemed like it was built into his winter coat. I couldn't really see it though, so it could have been a handheld personal alarm. It certainly got our attention, at least initially. After a few minutes it became just another misused suburban alarm - annoying. Probably another piece of paranoid parenting paraphenalia gone wrong.

It did get me thinking though. Is that how those built-in avalanch beacons work? He could activate it at will and it was super loud. Although easily abused, it could be a benefit in a lost/injured in the wilderness scenario. I have to admit though, I'd probably be more responsive to a whistle, unless it was being sounded in threes, in a known S&R situation, or if we were in a low traffic area like the backcountry.
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