A Tucson SWAT team medic had been concerned about rising violence in the area and had taken the initiative to create a First Aid kit for all deputies to carry. It became standard-issue last June. Interesting article. These officers were Equipped to Save Lives.


First-aid kits credited with saving lives in Tucson shooting

...cobbled together the Individual First Aid Kits out of simple items used by combat medics in Iraq and Afghanistan: an emergency bandage pioneered by the Israeli army; a strip of gauze that contains a substance which coagulates blood on contact; a tactical tourniquet; shears that are sturdy and sharp enough to slice off victims' clothing; and sealing material that works especially well on chest wounds.

The items in the kit were each inexpensive; the Israeli bandage, for example, cost only $6, but deputies reached for one "over and over at the scene," Kleinman said.

A link to the First Aid kit contents:


1 – SOF tactical tourniquet [$25]
2 – Emergency 6” military bandages [$10]
1 – Asherman chest seal [$14]
1 – Quick Clot combat gauze [$40]
1 - Pair of EMT shears [$5]

For further information on how the Pima County Sheriff’s Department implemented these life saving IFAKs, contact Sheriff’s Department Tactical Medic Tom Price at (520) 351-4865.

Looks like the kits are in a Maxpedition pouch or something similar. I researched prices on the contents and put a ballpark amount in brackets (bolded).