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I compensate by buying all my food fresh each day on my way to the motel, and I carry a dinner kit that I put together from thrift store stuff. I set out a tablecloth, and cloth napkins, and put out the real ceramic dinnerware, and metal utensils. I fire up my electric hotpot with light soup or whatever, roll up 2 or 3 ounces of meat, cheese, or fish in a low carb wrap, and slice up fresh green peppers to dip in salsa. I finish off with an apple and green tea (lately with pomegranate). Then I make my breakfast and lunch for the next day, pop it in the mini fridge or cooler, and wash the dishes.

This strikes a very profound chord in me: Let the important things (like food) take the proper attention they need to get done properly.

This is actually a new realization for me, although the concepts of "slow food" and "slow time" (google those terms) always have appealed to me - but those concepts did not in any way impact my life. Some recent mental processes kicked by rather randomly stumbling across some books changed that. "Slow food" doesn't mean you should spend 5 hours cooking - it means whatever your menu is, do it properly and don't cheat. Creating "slow food" in 15 minutes with minimal utensils isn't a problem at all if you plan accordingly.

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