I deal with sixteen year olds in another capacity - recruiting and training them as election workers. There is a special program in California whereby students of that age,with a 2.5 GPA, parental permission, yada yada, can work long hours at slave wages as a poll worker just like any registered voter.

The results over the last several elections? Their work experience pretty much reflects that of the adults who work along side them. Most are capable to very competent, with a very few airheads and flakes thrown in to make things exciting.

I particularly note that in our just concluded June primary, I had two inspectors who have not yet quite graduated from high school. An inspector is the person in charge of the polling place, typically directing a crew of three. This is a job that many, many fully capable and mature adults will reject absolutely. They performed well above average, not surprising because they already had two elections under their belt. One had to go to the mat with his principal, getting an exemption from a graduation exercise.

Are these people"fully mature"? Perhaps and perhaps not. Think about your own path to maturity. If it was anything like mine, it was uneven and bumpy. I did very well in some areas while under performing in others. Now my gray hair shows that I am out of excuses so I must act in a mature manner. Old age is a b#*@h.
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