The situation she got into, needing to be rescued and 1200 miles from the nearest help, would say otherwise. I'll give you brave and adventurous. Wisdom ... based on the evidence ... not so much.

wisdom is knowing when it's time to pull the plug, and she clearly knew that. she was 'wise' enough to several means of signaling, 'wise' enough to have plenty of supplies on hand, wise enough to not go topside in a typhoon to try using the satphone, and clearly wise enough to know the trip was over.

Life's no fun if you constantly "play it safe," a that's not what ETS is about either. It's about being ready to survive if s**t happens while you're out having fun. At what point does survival earn one a "good prep" badge instead of a put down and a Rx for "don't do that?"

doesn't seem to me that her age was a factor here. her mast got blown off. what's her maturity, or the fact she's 16, or how far from land she was, got to do with that? if she'd been ten miles out she'd still have needed rescue.
even the fact she was going solo is irrelevant here. she could have had Captain Nemo with her, but no mast means no sailing, and that means calling for aide.
what would you all be blaming if she'd just been out for a day trip and something happened, necessitating rescue?

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Camping teaches us what things we can live without.

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...Shopping appeals to the soul of the hunter-gatherer.