Newbie here, but ART said it just about perfect. I use a variety of shelter thru out the year, but for the past 2 years I have been contemplating a Kifaru shelter and packable stove. They are very light weight and very high strength, but like anything they are designed for a purpose... overhead shelter, not for a ground cloth, not for securing a load. But as far as shelters go, more so for winter shelters they are great. I will be buying a larger shelter before the hunt, but wanted a little guy for backpacking this year. It was between the supertarp and the paratip, the supertarp won for a few reason: it was about $100 cheaper than the paratipi, has more usage options available- tarp body/ door/ stove/ combos or using the body as a tarp, stove location, being able to setup with trekking poles. It is a good deal larger in length than the shangrila3 I keep in the car GHB. With the golite 3 my head and feet can touch a side if I lay in it a certain direction. With the supertarp I can place my feet flat against the rear pole, then stretch out with my arms over my head and just barely touch the front pole. As with any floorless tent, a piece of drop cloth, tyvek, or another tarp/ emergency blanket can be used as a floor under the sleeping equipment.

Also I did a few weight measurements using my small digital kitchen scale:
18 MSR ground hog stakes in a med Kifaru pullout- 12 3/4 oz
18 Kifaru provided durapeg in med pull out- 13 oz
Kifaru provided pole kit in XL pull out- 15 3/4 oz
Annex- 6 7/8 oz
Supertarp- 1 lb 2 oz
Woobie- 1 lb 7 oz, again just for reference
Black diamond elliptical flint lock poles (pair)- 1 lb 2 3/4 oz, always have so I dont count their weight.
Small stove, as shipped from Kifaru- 3 lb 10 3/4 oz
Small stove, but swapping cut resistant gloves for insulated leather work gloves- 4lb 3 1/4 oz

Photo time from the seam sealing and initial stove burn in. I will be taking it over Memorial Day weekend and will report back if liked.