I have several "kerosene" lamps around the house, and have found them to be useful in power outages. I recently bought a kerosene cooker (for cooking and heat source) and besides the many flashlights I have, I've looked at Dietz lanterns.

First I read liquid paraffin was no good for any type of flat-wick device, since it clogs and fouls the wick. OK, so now what do I do with several large bottles of liquid paraffin?

Then I found a very extensive website where the author says THE thing to use in place of smelly kerosene is "odor-free mineral spirits." After buying a few gallons of that, I find on several sites selling Dietz lanterns that it should NEVER, EVER be used in lanters and lamps, because of the danger of flashpoints and igniting fumes that develop or something..... Again, it is unlikely I will paint enough in my lifetime to use all that paint thinner.

Before I waste any more money - or blow myself up - is there a difinitive position about fuel for these? Kerosene is no piece of cake either - since the fumes can get so bad.

I'm sure if this has been discussed before, someone will direct me to that thread.