I use thr 5 gallon blue cube containers from Wallyworld, and my rather extensive collection of Nalgenes is stored filled with water if nothing else is in them.

As for canned meat, I made this up earlier today and I'll make several meals through the week:

Cook up some pasta, a big batch (I use two bags of Barilla tortellini). Drain. Toss with one can of flaked ham and vegetables that are cooked but still have body (I used a bag of mixed frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots). Add a good handful of shredded cheese and either butter with garlic and onion and whateveter else strikes your fancy, or a healthy dose of italian dressing. Mix well.

As I said, I'll make three or four meals of this. Also works with chicken, turkey and (ugh) tuna.

Or just a can of ham with a can of beans poured over it, nuked until hot. Serves one.

Or one can of soup. Heat. Stir in rice or couscous until desired consistency- the easiest casserole you'll ever make. Can serve two.

Other simple stuff is a can of meat, and a pouch of a flavored instant rice side. Or a can of meat, a small can of corn, and mashed potatoes.

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