I have a 1999 Versatile 190, Dodge Ram 3500, for the 10 years I've had it, very few problems, except brakes, and the front end.
For the coach components, the fridge and a/c struggle with AZ summer days, and the heater struggles with AZ winter nights, but all in all a great vehicle- les than 20 feet, so I can take it places a regular RV can't go.
I replaced the TV/VCR combo with a digital flat screen and so now have the extra storage space where the boxy old tv was stored.
I just replaced all of the regular coach lights with LED's, so I can go several days on battery.
Great generator, good fresh and waste water systems, comfortable full size bed, and drives like a van.

I hauled a U-Haul fully loaded with the RV tanks empty from here to San Fran last year, lost about 4 mpg, but that is an uphill haul, I guess.