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3. My teardrop trailer is just for sleeping and gear hauling. Food is kept in the car. I'd be throwing everything I have in my house kitchen that I could fit in the car. I could live comfortably for a month, food-wise. My dog has an even longer supply. Of course, the supply needs expand exponentially with a family.

to throw everything from the house kitchen into a car can take a loooong time.

Yeah, I have considered that. It takes 60-90 minutes to load the car for tent camping. Of course, I'd be a good bit more motivated in an emergency.

I live smack in the middle of the Beltway. Unless I happen to be up at 3:00a and have the radio or TV on when an evacuation is ordered, I'm not going to have any advantage in speeding out of here. Seconds won't count.

The suburbanites and outer core residents are going to clog the roads from here to Richmond, Charlottesville, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania (depending on what happens) before I get anywhere near the Beltway.

So I'll take the time to pack what we'd need for a couple weeks. We have several coolers so my plan is to expeditiously throw as much as possible into those. With camping gear already in the mountains and a fair amount permanently in the car, the next priority would be water, dog food, clothes, bikes.

In the Mad Max scenarios, evacuation likely will be a moot point. The remotely plausible evacuation situations would be a hurricane heading toward the Bay, in which case there would be some notice (ala a brief Hugo concern in '89), dirty bomb or bio-chem attack.