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3. My teardrop trailer is just for sleeping and gear hauling. Food is kept in the car. I'd be throwing everything I have in my house kitchen that I could fit in the car. I could live comfortably for a month, food-wise. My dog has an even longer supply. Of course, the supply needs expand exponentially with a family.

You may have thought about this already and just didn't post it as not relavant but to throw everything from the house kitchen into a car can take a loooong time. It may be wise to prepack some items so speed that process.
Before I moved I had a set of shelves along one side of my garage with one being the same height as the tailgate of my truck. I could open the garage door, back up and slide some prepacked plastic totes right into the back. Those were my food pantry, i'd buy canned goods on sale and pack them in those plastic bins and pull a couple cans out at a time to put in the kitchen cabinet. I just put things like can openers in the top of each so if I took them we had what we needed already and didn;t have to hunt through the kitchen to find things.