another approach,

put a Y or a T in the outlet line from the tank on your vehicle, if the outflow is small enough or regulated to a low pressure, you can use the fuel pump to do the pumping. If you have an electric fuel pump you can do this while the key is on and the engine is off, for a mechanical pump it needs to be running first. Word of caution, too much pressure in the outflow will kill the engine/introduce air into the line (rough idle). most fuel pumps put out more pressure than the engine needs, hence the return line. Guess you could redirect the line to your generator tank.

I am sure it is unsafe and would directly influence your insurance premiums but i don't feel i am required to disclose that unless specifically asked, i had to use a variation to empty my tank on an '82 Ford F250, I needed to drop the tank (of course it was full) so i put an inline pump in and used it to fill all of my, and a neighbors, gas cans.
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