1. Yep and nope. Evacuation would be intense and our roads are inadequate for a normal rush hour. A little trailer won't make much difference. I have the advantage of storing my trailer 100 miles from the city, near the mountains. And my car, a Honda Element, is a camping mobile.

2. Some have gas cans. Hopefully it's a localized situation and there will be gas 300 miles away. Or 200 miles. In an emergency that I'd envision, 100 miles will be a good distance.

3. My teardrop trailer is just for sleeping and gear hauling. Food is kept in the car. I'd be throwing everything I have in my house kitchen that I could fit in the car. I could live comfortably for a month, food-wise. My dog has an even longer supply. Of course, the supply needs expand exponentially with a family.