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I'm considering now buying a 6'x10' enclosed trailer and basically outfitting it as "hook-up and go" mobile survival unit. Solar panals on the roof as well as a gas run generator, scanner, radio, food, clothing, first-aid, Atmospheric Water Generator, etc...
Does anyone have a setup like this? Or has anyone considered this? Basically I'd like to be ready to grab the family and go ANYWHERE at the drop of a hat.

I've been thinking thinking along these lines as well, right down to the idea of having solar panels. Basically a small cargo trailer as a hook-up-and-go emergency kit.

I was thinking of a more small normal cargo trailer, and one simply to store goods and equipment, not to sleep in.

Maybe something like:


Basically a pre-packed BOB on steroids.

Random thoughts I had.

Was thinking about a water barrel to have fresh water available. Low tech and cheap. Possible downside is weight.

Was thinking of building an area or areas to keep gas storage (5 gal jugs), with venting to the outside. Water filter pump would probably be a good addition.

Was thinking of having extrication equipment such as chain saw, pry lever, hand winch for to clear road debris.


Was thinking about having a set of portable power packs charged by the rooftop solar cells that could then be used to power various things like cell phones, electronic devices, etc. Having a couple would allow you to rotate them, charging some while using others.


Supplies of people and dog food, first aid supplies, etc.

Great to see other people's ideas.