p.s. on pepper spray and dogs.

I posted a question on a dog site I visit, and asked if anyone knew how a dog acted after being pepper-sprayed. I faintly remember some article from many years ago that indicated that once a dog was sprayed, he became more aggressive.

The two best responses:

"I have been an Animal Control Officer for over 20 years. Yep, have sprayed a few dogs, and for the few I encounter again, even years later they do not come anywhere near me. Most of the time I can just squirt near the dog's face and drive them off. The one or two I have had to give a full face spray have immediately taken off, snorting and rubbing in the grass (or, in one case, the owner's couch....I got some unholy glee from that!)."

"When I lived in Oregon I got tired of my dogs being attacked while we were out walking, it didn't matter which direction we went someone had a loose dog that would come out and either threaten/rush us, or actually attack. I started carrying pepper spray and I used it on more then one dog. After that when we'd go for a walk the dog would come tearing out of it's yard like usual, take one look at who it was, and head back into their yard. The really bold ones would follow us at a safe distance, none ever came to close again or tried a second attack."

They also mentioned the use of a silent dog whistle as a deterrent, but responses were varied.