Scary. Ditto on the pepper spray. Perhaps even bear spray, which you can carry on your hip belt if carrying a pack.

That stupid woman. There are a few women and men around here with Rotties and Pits -- one or more -- who look they wouldn't have a prayer of holding onto their leashes if they lunged. And there's a jerk in our local park that lets his two big dogs off leash despite multiple previous attacks and at least one ticket. That owner stays clear of me since I yelled at him and prominently display my pepper spray ever since (I carry to protect my dog from off-leash dogs, his in particular).

Is that some place the woman may frequent? In which case, I'd consider going back with a camera to document the dogs being off-leash as well as her license plate. The police might at least send her a letter saying they've had a complaint and reminding her of her criminal liability.

She keeps letting those dogs run and someone is going to sue her rear off.