Y'know Fasteer, I never had much luck with dryer lint either. I found shredded up grasses, or shredded cedar bark, birch bark and the linty stuff from cat tail heads to work good.
The key to all of them is they have to be really dry.
They have to be made really fine too. Think of the centre of a mouse nest in the middle of your tinder to catch the spark.

I usually wear out the spark rod on a Doan's magnesium block (coughlan's is the same thing with a different stamp on it) long before I have even made a serious dent in the magnesium.
The magnesium has to be very fine and in a pile is what I found. I tend to make the pile a bit flat, not a cone.

I also found out you are less likely to hit the tinder with the striker if you hold the striker upright and solid against the tinder and drag the sparker back towards you over it.

The best strikers I have found so far are broken hacksaw blades, fairly fine tooth, like 18 or 24 teeth per inch.
The strikers that come with the Swedish Firesteel sparker rods are pretty good too.

One thing I like having with me to light a fire is a wax candle.
If I have a lighter sometimes I light the candle first and use the candle to light the fire.

My hunting knife and my machete have areas on the spine (back) of the blades that have been given a square edge with a coarse file. It makes an effective scraper and saves the working edge from damage.
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