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Trailer brakes are an option. The manufacturer told me they would not be necessary with my setup.

While I agree they would not be necessary for your set-up, I will also tell you EVERY trailer I own has trailer brakes regardless of size or load rating.

If you have the extra cash/time, trailer brakes are the best. Go for the electrically controlled type versus the hydraulic tongue brakes. They are much smoother, and don't suffer from "recoil" issues. The tongue brakes can actually end up causing more problems than going without trailer brakes.

The other advantage of electronically controlled trailer brakes is the manual override on the controller. Should your vehicle's brakes suffer a casualty while towing, you can activate the trailer brakes by hand at the control head by operating a resistance switch.

Additionally, electronic trailer brakes begin stopping the trailer before tow vehicle reducing the slam on the hitch assembly, reducing wear and increasing controllability.
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