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If your towed load gets too heavy (no matter the size) or unbalanced, you can get that "flopping fish" action going down the road. If you have not experienced it, keep it that way. Once it starts, you are just along for the ride until you get slowed down.

when my ex-GF and I were driving from CA to MO, she was at the wheel when she lost control of my Explorer Sport, pulling a fairly short UHaul (and to be fair to her, she thought I was about to tickle her and flinched too much). The trailer didn't like that, and performed a few gradually increasing yaws until it spun us into a nice... 360? 640? I don't know. At highway speeds, we ended up on the center rail, facing traffic, trailer on it's side.

Thank God we did't flip - I had taken my belt off for a few minutes for some reason or other.

My point is, you don't want to experience it! And, FYI, it gets pricey hiring a tow truck for the car, and another for the trailer.