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2 OT thoughts:

#1 - like the Tacoma in those above pics (the last one, looks like mine)

#2 - I think it's funny as shoot when you see some F-250 or Chevy pulling a 40 foot trailer down the highway. You've got this big truck pulling a massive trailer, on the dinkiest tires they could fine. Think about it - the F-250 has usually 16 or 17" radius tires, probably a couple thousand RPM at highway speeds. The trailer has like 10" radius tires, probably doing 10's of thousands of RPMs at highways speed. Plus, how often do you see a spare for those little guys? You break one, you're going to have to rob a lowered Corolla, or maybe hijack a kindergarten class for the Tonka toy tires.

Anyway, just random observations. They're still fun.

Well the F350 came with 20" wheels from the factory, and the Recon has 19.5" wheels.

You would be shocked at how hard it is to find 19.5" trailer tires other than at a commercial tire shop. Since the trailer has three axles and only one spare, it stands to reason whatever I hit to damage one tire will get the other two on that side. I carry three spares mounted and ready to go. Not to mention a 10 ton floor jack. No puny scissor jack is going to lift an axle on that beast.

But then, I also have two spares for the dooley, because I figure if a road hazard gets one rear tire it will get both.
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