2 OT thoughts:

#1 - like the Tacoma in those above pics (the last one, looks like mine)

#2 - I think it's funny as shoot when you see some F-250 or Chevy pulling a 40 foot trailer down the highway. You've got this big truck pulling a massive trailer, on the dinkiest tires they could fine. Think about it - the F-250 has usually 16 or 17" radius tires, probably a couple thousand RPM at highway speeds. The trailer has like 10" radius tires, probably doing 10's of thousands of RPMs at highways speed. Plus, how often do you see a spare for those little guys? You break one, you're going to have to rob a lowered Corolla, or maybe hijack a kindergarten class for the Tonka toy tires.

Anyway, just random observations. They're still fun.