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Dagny, nice little setup! But one thing I wonder about in those tiny trailers is storage; do you put stuff on the bed while moving, and then transfer it to the car? Is there any storage in it at all?


Hi, Susan. There is quite a lot of room in the teardrop for storage. Typically, they have overhead cabinets and a kitchen galley. I got mine without those. What I've done is mount Cabela's cot organizers on wood dowling and that holds all the little stuff -- headlamps, lotion, glasses, sleep clothes, First Aid, etc.

In the rear, accessible by the hatch, are Mountainsmith cube organizers containing clothes, boots, jackets. A backpack is there and some other items. In the tongue box is a canopy, tarps, rope and some other stuff.

I bring a "Chuck Box" with kitchen stuff from home, along with the cooler. I keep campstoves in the storage unit, sometimes we just cook over a campfire and I'll just use a JetBoil for water for coffee.

I do carry the camp chairs on the teardrop bed and sometimes a trailer that pulls behind the bike.

Will add a couple more pics in a bit, one showing the rear hatch open.

Picture 3499.jpg

Picture 3502.jpg

Picture 3458.jpg

Picture 956.jpg

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