Blastmatch is on the bottom of my list. The only reason I have one, my DS gave it to me.

1) Torch Lighter
2) Bic Lighter
3) Fuel Lighter (Zippo)
4) REI Matches
5) Doan Mg Block
6) Sparklite & Tinder
7) LMF Fire Steel
8) Potassium Permanganate & Glycerine
9) Magnifying Glass
10) BlastMatch

And yes, I have used all 10.

I keep all but #8 available in my BOB, and all but #'s 8 & 10 in my GHB.

But I often work in the boonies.

If I could ONLY have one, it would be the DOAN Mg Block. I have NEVER had it fail me.

Thermite..... Real subtle......

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