I'm far enough away from Houston to be safe from an initial blast, but I'm close to a lot of refineries and plants to make that secondary device scenario possible (or visa versa) and depending on wind direction and a few other details I would have to make some decisions. Staying put would of course be my first choice if I fealt my family would be safe. Even if I did decide to stay the trailer and it's components could help me here too. Water supply and utilities are always a concern. I had no power for 14 days after Ike. Water was fine, filtered and purified it anyway, but it was fine. My trailer would have been very useful with supplies of food and water as we had nothing available near us for the first week.

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That sounds like a great plan, as long as you know your trailer would remain secure. But on the other hand that would also force your bugout route to include getting to it and in a major emergency you might want to totally avoid the Houston area. Since you pretty much know you'll never be bugging out in the opposite direction though it's probably doable. If I were in your situation I'd take a realy close look at route planning.

My route takes me far around Houston to the west and then north. East is towards the plants and too many bridges, and south is towards the coast. I was thinking about the staging of the trailer and exactly what you said. It would dictate where I went first which might not be a good idea in certain scenarios.

Also, what form of com's would work well after a nuclear detonation? I would assume if a major city were ever hit like this the phone system would be down. The power grid would certainly be down. Would CB radio's work if they were not powered up at the time of the blast? What would be EMP proof? My wife works right on the edge of downtown Houston so communicating with her would be a major concern. The company she works for installed a backup generator system that kicks in immediately when the power is interupted so as long as the natural gas supply was not compromised her office would have power. I think cell phones would definitely be unusable in or near downtown.

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