Why not just leave now and take some time off. There will be less mental stress and when nothing big happens you can really relax.


In a perfect world, I agree with you. Two things get in the way:

1) Responsibilities. I have many, and many people depend on my fulfilling them.

2) Stuff. There really is a bunch of stuff I'd want/need to take with me if I was leaving on the assumption that my house was going to get washed away. If I leave in "vacation" mode and can't come back, I'd be really upset. If I leave in "bugout" mode, it will not be much of a vacation.

I honestly believe that if I decide to leave on Thursday evening we should be fine. Of course, that statement is now immortalized on this board for me to regret someday! I'm interested in getting Charlie's take on things, if he hasn't headed for the hills, yet! His BOL is not far from mine, from what I understand.