And as you do it put all your cd's and dvd's in order and put them in a nice binder, remember blasts binder, do that but along with your important papers put all your software. Even better copy as much as you can on to one dvd to consolidate it and have it all in one place. Then if/when you do need to rebuild everything should be right in place. If you rely on computers for anything then this is as important as keeping your first aid or water or food rotated and fresh. I have a nice document listing everything important to me as well as any software I've installed. Now this is a little easier for me since I just have the os restore cd that came with my netbook, linux distro that I use, one with the garmin software I've bought and one more with openoffice, firefox, thunderbird etc. In a survival situation like NOLA you may be forced to rebuild your system since it could be lost to fire/flood/theft/etc and you need to have everything available as well as have practice rebuilding it. This is one reason I swap in a new drive every couple years just to make sure my docs are up to date and that I can recover.