But cannot do what I do without them so...

My existing Dell desktop is continuing to have problems. Dell has been less than helpful in sorting out problems. First they said it was faulty memory and we replaced the 2GB memory. Didn't fix anything. Guess I shouldn't expect it to last more than 3 years 10 months. :-( So far have managed not to put my fist through the wall or toss the computer through the window. <~>

Anyway, I am about fed up with Dell. Looking for suggestions.

Plan to run Win XP which is what I have on all the other computers in the house. DO NOT want Vista

Need a pretty high performance machine as I am doing a lot with it including video and such. Had planned to up RAM to 4 GB, but then started with these problems.

Running dual widescreen monitors. They are fine, don't need to replace them.

Have a 2 drive RAID array, which has worked well to save my butt without interruption when one drive died.

Money is tight, no surprise. ETS Foundation is not exactly swimming in cash. Rather just fix the damn computer, but not having much luck with that. (I am NOT a techie type, computus ignoramus here, can follow directions, but...)

Suggestions welcome.

Doug Ritter
Equipped To SurviveŽ
Chairman & Executive Director
Equipped To Survive Foundation