those using N95 like me have been sized and tested for fit.
I'm a ER nurse so having mask like these are normal. many who don't know how to use them just think they don't seal properly.
its just they never been fitted and hood tested. yep i was put into a smoke hood and tested for proper fit.
i use a small for i have a long nose and my nose and mouth close small chin.
most people have difficulty breathing threw them for they tend to be thick with some type of rubber inside so they tend to be hot and uncomfortable. so many patients only use the ordinary surgical mask for they tend to be applied and kept correctly on longer. surgical mask have to be tided both strings. surgical masks are good for those coughing up microscopic droplets. still they in the CDC newsletter are unsure of disease spreading by airborne or droplets. so having both mask handy would be very practical just check for size with the N95. they come in small and med that i know of.
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