The poor sucker was actually apologizing to the phone answerer that sentenced him to death. Kind of sad really.

Benjamin, most of us have read Ayn Rand, the bisexual Russian Princess, who along with Heinlein was one of the most popular presenters of your purely self interested greed based moral philosophy.
Try to keep in mind that no society that adopted this philosophy of yours ever survived it. If you look at it sanely you will realize how fundamentally antisocial the attitude you are presenting is, and that if it is followed it leads to the complete collapse of your government. In short it is the most antisocial and psychopathic philosophy ever devised.
Another interesting feature of it, the most vocal proponents of it are the first to cry for bailouts by the rest of us when it is their own oxe getting gored.

If your philosophy was followed, Benjamin we should do away with any form of government all together and revert back to the simple law of the jungle where the highest social function is the prey/predator relationship.
Even Chimps are more evolved than that, my friend.

Good luck protecting your property with no police and with constructing your own roads if you want to trade with others, because after all, if you get hijacked it is ultimately your own fault and there is no reason I should be forced pay for covering your sorry butt.

May set off to explore without any sense of direction or how to return.