Never had a polycarb Nalgene leak on me unless the top had become warped. The HDPE ones... yeah, they are dribblers and they absorb scents better than baking soda. The Tritons have failed to impress. But I've seen polycarb, BPA-containing ones get run over and still work fine.

Similiar but improved are the Gouyet stainless bottles. They use the same mouth thread as the Nalgenes, so everything under the sun will mate to them. Down side is they are heavier and more expensive, but it is single wall, stainless steel bottle. I like the ones that taper a little at the bottom, they fit into even the slightly undersized GSI cups. And unlike the Sigg, they are unlined, so you can boil in them. I'm testing their effectiveness in winter, to see if the slick sided cap is harder to get off, but since you can use a Nalgene lid, replacing it will be no big deal if it comes to that. I've only got 20 or so Nalgenes I can borrow a top from.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, even below bladders IMHO, is the GI plastic canteen. Heavy as the steel ones, willing to break like the tritons, carry oders like the HDPE, and with their over all shape and the narrow neck they are a pain to fill and a pain to clean.

As for pouches, there are a tonne of them out there. Maxped, TAG, SpecOps Brand and probably others have padded/insulated ones. Tactical Tailor, 5.11, Kifaru, Eagle, and (gag) BHI all have unlined pouches for them. And everyone makes pouches that will work if a little oversized. Yes, I know, this is all "tactical" nylon, but it is also all MOLLE, and most of it uses MALICE clip. If you can't get those to work on a belt, you aren't trying. *laughs* And you can get all of them in solid colors (black, foliage, od, coyote) so they shouldn't stand out all that much. From the otherside, prowling REI or EMS should show plenty of pouches that can be added to compression straps on packs that fit a water bottle, and they and Campmor all have dedicated carriers that you just sling over your shoulder.

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