For many years now I've used a US military 1qt canteen (worn on my belt) for shorter day trips. It has been a source of frustration for a while unfortunately. It leaks around the cap slightly, which is a minor problem in the warm months but gets really annoying in winter.

Getting back from a hike today I've decided I'm fed up with that canteen. I'll have to buy a new one, hopefully a model with a much better seal. I can get a British army type 58 canteen cheaply, is it better made than the US type?

Another option would be a decent water bottle. I've had an aluminum Sigg 1l bottle in mind, those seem to be pretty decent but a bit pricey. I think I'll get one (or something similar) anyway to keep in my backpack. I still want a good canteen I can wear on my belt, though.

What is your favorite setup and what would you recommend? Nalgene bottles seem to be popular on these boards but I'd like to stay away from them, based on less than stellar experience in the past. If you have any other ideas please share your thoughts! wink